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The Prisoner

The Prisoner
Written by Bridget Boland
Directed by Eileen Hullett
27 – 30 March 1968

Political drama.


Interrogration Room Warder – Keith Jarman
The Prisoner – Mike Rand
The Interrogator – John Dole
Secretary – Tony Bate
Cell Warder – Alex Baird
Doctor – Peter Pavitt
Barber – Mick Hughes
Another Warder – Neal Jarman
Old Woman – Mary Clayton


Stage Managers – Gerry Childs and Keith Jarman
Assistant Stage Manager – Margaret Lawrence
Properties – Elsie Coleman and Stella Kirby
Lighting – John Robarts
Sound – Ann Robarts
Set Constructed by – Guild Workshop
Wig by – Nathans
Acknowledgements to – Donald Hind