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The Royal Baccarat Scandal

The Royal Baccarat Scandal
Written by Royce Ryton
Directed by Janet Pearce
12 – 17 November 2001

A dramatisation of the Victorian Scandal of 1890 involving Sir Willlam Gordon Cumming, a personal friend of the Prince of Wales, who is accused of cheating at Baccarat. The story of the ‘crime’ and the ensuing court case told in flashback, is one of honour and revenge.


Sir William Gordon Cumming – John Hart
Mrs Gibbs – Emma Stewart
HRH the Prince of Wales – Peter Richardson
General Williams – Ian Giles
Ethel Lycett Green – Michelle Hawes
Mr Lycett Green – Matt Hawes
Mrs Wilson – Judith Brace
Stanley Wilson – Gareth Hunt
Mrs Williams – Carol Butler
Mr Levett – Mark Woodham
Sir Edward Clarke – Graeme Horner
Sir Charles Russell – Roger Butler
The French Chef – Richard Kinderman
Jarvis – Roger Hodge
The Prince’s Mistress – Leah Bilham
Housekeeper – Pam Horner
Parlour Maids – Janet Hodge, Suzy Pearce, Leah Bilham
Court Officials – Roger Hodge, Richard Kinderman


Stage Manager – Pam Horner
ASM and Director’s assistant – Jo Lovell
Set Designed by – Roger Hodge
Set Built by – Roger Hodge, Roger Butler, Len Huntley, Graeme Horner, Eric White, Bill Brookes, Ian Giles
Lighting – Jon Hudson
Properties – Pam Horner
Sound Recording – Keith Jarman
Sound Operator – Graham King
Costumes – Chrstine Angell, Carole Bramall