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The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice

The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice
Written by David Tristram
Directed by Philip Vander Gucht
29 September – 4 October 2003

A super comedy of daydreams and secret passions. Fantasy blurs into reality. Secret passions explode. And two worlds which seemed a million miles apart are suddenly on a collision course. It could only happen to Henry and Alice. And only their pet goldfish, Orca, and you, will ever know the true story.


Henry – David Maun
Alice – Jacqueline Vander Gucht


Stage Manager and Set Construction – Roger Butler
Assistant Stage Manager – Carol Butler
Lighting Design and Operation – Ian Humphreys, Nicola Humphreys
Sound Recording – Keith Jarman
Sound Operation – Bill Brookes
Properties – Hilary Medhurst, Linda Jeffries, Josephine Vander Gucht