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The Upstarts Revue

The Upstarts Revue
Devised and produced by John Langley
Assisted by Pat Watson
17 – 21 June 1952

A light-hearted blend of comedy and music, this was The Upstarts’ 19th production at the Playhouse.


Derek Miller, Betty Willard, Roy Clark, Robert Pettifer, Pat Watson, Margaret Baird, Norton Collard, John Langley, Gillian Leaver, Olive Luck, Janet Thorne, Edna Miller, Bob Hayden, Harry Foord-Divers


Robert Leaver, Frederick Hate, Nino Dogliani, Alan Cleary


Stage Manager – Gordon J. Lawrence
Props – Jean Langley, Sally Crowter
Electricians – George Willard, John Dixon