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The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows
Written by Kenneth Grahame
Adapted for the stage by Alan Bennett with additional Lyrics by Jeremy Sams
Directed by Barry Hooper
24 – 29 April 2000

Left to Right: Graeme Horner, Peter Richardson, Daley Chaston and Eric Crichton.

Left to Right: Graeme Horner, Peter Richardson, Daley Chaston and Eric Crichton.

This ingenious adaptation of the classic children’s novel created a sensation at the National Theatre of Great Britain. Here are Badger, Rat, Mole and Toad of Toad Hall in the familiar tale with a contemporary slant.


Mole – Daley Chaston
Rat – Graeme Horner
Toad – Peter Richardson
Badger – Eric Crichton
Albert – Keith Jarman
Otter – David Oatley
Portly – Martin Meehan / Thomas Franklin
Rabbit Rose – Joanna Lovell
Rabbit Robert – Steve Hunt
Hedgehog Herbert – Ian Macdonald
Hedgehog Billy – Ria Chambers, Kirby Mukeza
Hedgehog Tommy – Rhys Chambers, Clare Brunton
Hedgehog Samuel – Jeni Freeman, Robert Lacey
Squirrel Shirley – Jenny Brooks
Squirrel Raymond – Leah Bilham, Jade Barnes
Mouse Mark – Becky Holland, Nicola Milner
Mouse Maureen – Kara Meintjes, Clare Brunton
Mouse Malcolm – Rhys Chambers, Robert Lacey
Mouse Martin – Martin Meehan, Thomas Franklin
Mouse Margaret – Ria Chambers, Jade Barnes
Mouse Martha – Jeni Freeman, Kirby Mukeza
Mouse Mary – Leah Bilham, Vikki Crowe
Chief Weasel – Ian Giles
Weasel Norman – Graham Peters
Gerald Ferret – Michael Angell
Sgt. Fred Ferret – David Oatley
Fox – Neil Langley
Weasel Wilfred – Steve Hunt
Stoat Cyril – David Oatley
Stoat Stuart – Ian Macdonald
Stoat Gerald – Neil Langley
Parkinson – Steve Hunt
Motorist Rupert – Michael Angell
Motorist Monica – Pauline Ellard
Magistrate – Ian Macdonald
Clerk of the Court – Joanna Lovell
Policeman – Michael Angell
Gaoler’s Daughter – Nikki Horner
Washerwoman – Christine Angell
Guard – Ian Macdonald
Train Driver – Steve Hunt
Ticket Clerk – Michael Angell
Bargewoman – Joanna Lovell
Gypsy – David Oatley


Musical Director – Andrina Eyers
Set Design – Colin Burring, Graeme Horner
Stage Manager – Hazel Watts
Prompt – Shelley Peters
Lighting – Peter Bennett
Props – Pamela Horner, Emma Holland
Set Construction – Colin Burring, Roger Butler, Roger Hodge, Peter Smith, Polly Owen, Hazel Watts, Michael Angell, Graeme Horner, Eric Crichton, Len Huntley, Bill Brooks, Sylvia Hogg
Sound – Keith Jarman, Graham King
Costumes – Christine Angell, Nikki Horner, Carol Butler, Molly Graham