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The Wizard of Oz (1992)

The Wizard of Oz
Written by L. Frank Baum, adapted by Frank Gabrielson
With music and lyrics from the MGM motion-picture score by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg
Directed by Mavis Dunphy
20 – 25 April 1992

Musical adaption of the famous tale.


Dorothy – Susan Coral Hampton
Aunt Em – Margaret Penny
Uncle Henry – Harry Dunphy
Joe – Tom Bramall
Witch of the West – Emma Wright
Sorceress of the North – Carol Butler
Scarecrow – David Maun
Tinman – Philip Pain
Lion – Kevin Fraser
Mayor – Helen Carter
Farmer – Carlie Carnell
Barrister – Gareth Hunt
Coroner – David West
Lord Growlie – Roger Butler
Gloria – Sarah Jennings
First General – Ian Giles
A Private – Peter Vale
A Lady of Oz – Polly Owen
1st Visiting Witch – Polly Owen
2nd Visiting Witch – Tracy Durling
Tibia – Ian Preddy
The Wizard of Oz – Harry Dunphy
Ozmas – Tony Hayes

Girls from Oz and Kansas – Clare Upham, Helen Carter, Carlie Carnell, Vicky Hayes, Joanne Biggs, Emma Hudson, Tracy Durling, Polly Owen, Sarah Jennings, Sarah Stratton

Munchkins – Jonathan King, Tony Hayes, Katy Pearce, Emma Pearce, Tracey Butler, Sarah Stratton, Emma Crow, Vicky Newton, Nicola Butler, Emma Hudson, Ian Preddy, Kelly Hayes

Munchkin Children – Suzy Pearce, Hazel Merrigan, Katie Copman, Catherine Davis, Laura Strattan, Jane Atkins, Sarah Johnson

Farmhands – John Cole, Ian Giles, Peter Vale

Generals – John Cole, Tom Bramall, Nicola Butler, Kelly Hayes, Vicky Newton


Musical Direction and Piano – Andrew Parmley
Percussion – Malcolm Ball
Stage Manager – Nicky Horner
Assistant Stage Manager – Betty Miller
Costumes – Carole Bramall
Properties – John Wharton, Liz Hunt
Lighting – Brian Rumble
Sound – John Gritton
Set Designed and Built by – The Playhouse Warlocks, Wizards and Witches

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