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The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband
Written by Debbie Isitt
Directed by Richard Self
16 – 21 February 2009

Kenneth and Hilary have been married nearly twenty years, but as middle age approaches, Ken finds himself in the arms of another woman. At first, Laura appears to be everything that is missing from Ken’s life with Hilary – young, slim, attractive and a vibrant free spirit – but his little fling quickly becomes desperately out of hand. Juggling the affections of two women, his world becomes a tangle of lies and deceit. After his initial denials to Hilary’s increasing suspicions, he is soon forced to confront the truth and leaves Hilary for Laura. Only one problem…Laura can’t cook. As time passes, Kenneth mourns the loss of Sunday roasts and haute cuisine, and the comforts of the settled life he once knew. When Hilary invites Ken and Laura over for dinner, he readily accepts, unaware of what delicacies Hilary plans to serve. Told through a series of flashbacks interspersed with the `last supper’, THE WOMAN WHO COOKED HER HUSBAND is a highly entertaining exploration of the old adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”!


Hilary – Michelle Pearl
Kenneth – Steve Hunt
Laura – Jenny McKiernan


Set Design – Michael Bate, Richard Self, Tony Bate
Continuity – Betty Bailey
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Carol Bramall
Foyer Display – Samantha Langford
Set Build – Michael Bate, Tony Bate, Cara Young
Set Dressing and Properties – Sue Newman
Sound Design – Ken Swan, Tina Crook
Lighting – Alan Hunt, Mike Auvray
Photos – Fred Ruffell