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The Yeoman of the Guard

The Yeoman of the Guard
Written by Gilbert and Sullivan
Directed by Mavis Dunphy
26 April – 1 May 1971

The Yeomen of the Guard, or, The Merryman and His Maid, is a Savoy Opera, with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. It premiered at the Savoy Theatre on 3 October 1888, and ran for 423 performances.


Sir Richard Cholmondeley – David Bryant
Colonel Fairfax – Harry Dunphy
Sergeant Meryll – John Coward
Leonard Meryll – Neil Jarman
Jack Point – Reg Higley
Wilfred Shadbolt – Peter Leggett
First Yeoman – Charles Vickery
Second Yeoman – Freddie Payne
Third Yeoman – Dick Benton
First Citizen – John Tadman
Second Citizen – Frank Andrews
Third Citizen – John Vaughan
Elsie Maynard – Yvonne Hegarty
Phoebe Meryll – Val D’Arcy
Dame Carruthers – Molly Angell
Kate – Molly Johnson
The Headsman – Neil Jarman
Lieutenant’s Page – Keith Dunstan

Chorus: Doreen Burt, Lesley Burt, Dulsie Cattell, Janette Cattell, Frances Dunphy, Christine Giles, Kath Hannigan, Ann Hill, Shirley Johnson, Marilyn Leech, Gloria Markham, Margaret Phipps, Jillian Racher, Janet Thurston, Mavis Woosnam, Eileen Young, Dough Burchall, Malcolm Corty, Ton Dunstan, Cyril Lincoln, Ralph Webb.