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There’s A Girl In My Soup

There’s A Girl In My Soup
Written by Terence Frisby
Directed by Bill Harris
1 – 4 May 1974

Gig Young starred in the Broadway production of ‘There’s a Girl in My Soup’ as Robert Danvers, a food and wine connoisseur who dabbles in female delectations. He is picked up at a party by a younger woman who is a match for any roué. The new romance bubbles along smoothly considering the contrast between sophisticated gourmet and the modish girl. He finds himself in love permanently, but is rebuffed when a young musician/linoleum layer reclaims her heart.


Robert Danvers – Colin Bailey
Clare Dorlaton-Finch – Patricia Howard
Andrew Hunter – Peter Paul
John – Louis Cox
Paola – June Davis
Marion – Judy Chance
Jimmy – Tony Bate


Stage Manager – Len Huntley
Assistant Stage Manager – Margaret Laurence
Lighting – Eric Crichton and Mike Auvray
Properties – John and Jennie Farrell
Sound – Ted Howard
Settings – Guild Workshop