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They Walk Alone

They Walk Alone
Written by Max Catto
Directed by Robert Lindley
18 – 21 March 1959

In the small Irish town of Ballyconnen, Emmy Baudine is a beautiful but disturbed young woman who works for the local priest. When the carnival comes to town, she encounters Dan, a handsome young boxer, and lays his face open with her fingernails when he attempts to seduce her. Hurriedly packed off to Yorkshire by Father Corcoran, Emmy is taken in by a farming family and manages to suppress the strange feelings of fascination and revulsion that she experiences in the presence of the opposite sex. Until, that is, the carnival comes to town and she finds herself face to face with the vengeful Dan. Macabre drama.


Julie Tallent – Jill Morris
Bess Stanforth – Marjorie Harris
Mr Tallent – Alex Baird
Robert Stanforth – Barry Hullett
Larry Tallent – Ronald Harris
Emmy Baudine – Kathleen Clark
Saul Trevithick – Anthony Stebbing


Stage Managers – Bill Brookes and Jim
Stage Assistant – Eileen Hullett
Props – Sylvia Hogg
Costume Supervision – Janet Thorne
Set Design – Denis Osborne
Special Effects – Eric Ewens
Electrician – Gordon Lawrence