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To-Night at 8.30 (An Evening of 3 One Act Plays)

To-Night at 8.30
An Evening of 3 One Act Plays by Noel Coward
Directed by Harry Randall

Red Peppers
(An Interlude with Music)


George Pepper – John Marchant
Lily Pepper – Annette Marchant
Bert Bentley – David Hullett
Mr Edwards – Colin Bailey
Mabel Grace – Betty Willard
Alf – Anthony Hullett

Fumed Oak
(A Domestic Comedy in Two Scenes)


Henry Gow – Ian Macdonald
Doris (his wife) – Eileen Hullett
Elsie (his daughter) – Polly Owen
Mrs Rocket (his mother-in-law) – Dot Hamlin

Still Life
(A Play in Five Scenes)


Laura Jesson – Shelley Nottage
Myrtle Baggot – Betty Bailey
Beryl Waters – Polly Owen
Stanley – Anthony Hullett
Albert Godby – John Marchant
Alec Harvey – Colin Bailey
Man – An Other
Bill – Martin Golding
Johnnie – David Hullett
Mildred – Tracey Hullett
Dolly Messiter – Betty Willard


Stage Manager – David Tallowin
Assistant Stage Manager – Julie Godwin
Set Designer – Roger Butler
Set Crew – Graham Lindsey, Martin Golding and others
Lighting – D’Oyl-Watkins
Sound – Jacqueline Medhurst, John Midlane
Props – Sue Birmingham, Pat Vale, Alex and Maggie Baird
Wardrobe – Andrea Hammond, Marjorie Sawyer

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