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Toad of Toad Hall (1970)

Toad of Toad Hall
A Play from Kenneth Graham’s book “The Wind in the Willows”
Written by A.A, Milne
Music by H.Fraser-Simson
Directed by Margaret Baird
30 March – 4 April 1970

This play expresses perfectly the mood of the Grahame book, which is a combination of poetry, fantasy and exquisite comedy. The romance of early childhood is celebrated in this adaptation.


Marigold – Penny Blackwell
Nurse – Mavis Dunphy
Mole – Diane Montague
Water Rat – Gerald Bishop
Mr Badger – Colin Bailey
Toad – John Hollingsworth
Alfred – David Witham
Back Legs of Alfred – John Brace
Chief Stoat – John Farrell
Chief Weasel – Keith Jarman
Chief Ferret – Neal Jarman
First Field Mouse – Francis Dunphy
Second Field Mouse – Catherine Heal
Policeman – Harry Dunphy
Jailer – Philip Carter
Usher – Barry Hullett
Judge – Tom Roberts
Turkey – John Farrell
Duck – Neal Jarman
Phoebe – Janice Wood
Washer Woman – Diane Packham
Mama Rabbit – Chris Giles
Lucy Rabbit – Diane Hamlin
Harold Rabbit – David Hawkins
Barge Woman – Dot Hamlin

Ferrets, Weasels and Stoats: Joanna Baird, Judith Baird, Jennie Button, Susan Forsyth, Karl Howman, Elizabeth Jakes, Stella Kirby, Marylin Palmer, Nicole Nast.


Choreographer – Stella Kirby
Set Design – Neil Appelt
Stage Manager – Louis Cox
Assistant Stage Managers – Kathy Clark, Len Huntley, Mike Fryatt, Viviane Hollingsworth
Properties – Sheila Fryatt, Sally Foord-Divers, Lyne Staple
Lighting – Brian Hunt and Christopher Marshall
Sound Effects – Martin Wood
Wardrobe – Joan Robarts