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Trap for a Lonely Man

Trap for a Lonely Man
Written by Robert Thomas
Directed by Denise Brown
9 – 14 March 1992

Set in an isolated chalet in the French Alps, Trap For A Lonely Man is a gripping psychological thriller concerning a man who has apparently lost his wife, and is rapidly losing his mind. After having reported his wife’s disappearance to the police, Daniel Corban is visited by a young priest who claims he has found Madam Corban well and repentant for running out on her husband. When Daniel’s wife enters the chalet however, he is outraged to discover that she is not Madam Corban, though she insists she is. It becomes increasingly apparent to Daniel that he is facing some sort of conspiracy, as various witnesses declare that she is indeed the Madam Corban they have seen happily ensconced in the chalet with Daniel before her disappearance occured, and when the police fail to believe his story he can only conclude that they are trying to drive him mad – or worse still, to his death.


The Man – Martin Howe
The Police Inspector – Alan Clark
The Priest – Dave Higley
The Woman – Jeannie McCullough
The Tramp – Eric Crichton
The Nurse – Margaret Penny
The Policeman – Ian Diggens


Stage Managers – Steve Lovell, Dave Tallowin
Assistant Stage Manager – Pauline Ellard
Set Design – Steve Lovell
Set Construction – The In-Laws
Props – Jane Ghost, Jane Cross
Lighting – Alan Hunt
Sound – Andrew Hunt
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer

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