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Written by Emlyn Williams
Directed by Robert Lindley
15 – 18 October 1952

Is it really possible to bring a loved-one back from the dead? Christine certainly believes so and has already engaged various mediums in unsuccessful attempts to restore her recently dead, much loved husband, to life. But undeterred by failure, she has now invited Saviello, an Italian medium with a reassuring record of success. Yet is he what he appears to be? And what about his down-to-earth ‘manager’ Mrs. Amos? A ghost story.


Bill – Stanley Slade
Gwan – Sheila King
Maid – Joan Crisford
Mr Grice – Wilfred Glover
Mrs Henting – Chips Oliver
Christine – Gwyneth Hutton
Dewar – Walter Cornforth
Mrs Amos – Margaret Ongley
Saviello – Ernest W. Rolfe


Stage Manager – George Willard
Set Design – Gil Dyer
Recording Manipulation – George Willard
Wardrobe – Chips Oliver
Properties – Kitty James