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Under the Stars

Under the Stars
Written by Richard Crane
Directed by Marilyn Macdonald
3 – 8 June 1996

The Set

Stella and Regina are understudies in a West End production of a classical tragedy. Stella is a Method actress, passionate about the magic of theatre, whilst Regina is her cynically practical opposite, displaying an acerbic wit and resigned to knitting and shopping in Sainsbury’s. When their double-crossing director brings in The Known Actress as the understudy for one of the stars, the two rivals unite in their resentment.


Stella – Christine Angell
Regina – Carol Butler
Charles – Tim Treloar
P.Q – Roger Butler
The Known Actress – Margaret Penny
Voice of the Dame – Dot Hamlin
Voice of Trixie – Marilyn Macdonald
Tannoy Announcer – Mark Woodham


Stage Manager – Bob Gritton
Set Design – Bob Gritton
Assistant Stage Manager – Dot Hamlin
Production Assistant and Properties – Sam Cove
Lighting – Graeme Horner, Steve Lovell
Sound – Tom Bramall, John Hudson, Mark Woodham
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Carol Bramall
Set Construction – Bob’s Boys