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Underneath the Arches

Underneath the Arches
Written by Patrick Garland, Brian Glanville and Roy Hudd
In association with Chesney Allen
Directed by Bill Fielder
4-11 July 1987

Underneath the Arches tells the story in songs and sketches of two of Britain’s most popular entertainers, the lovable, wicked Bud Flanagan, and the handsome, urbane Chesney Allen, and their association with a bunch of knockabout comedians known collectively as “The Crazy Gang”.


Bud Flanagan – Mike Rand
Chesney Allen – Tony Bate
Jimmy Nervo – Keith Jarman
Teddy Knox – Maurice Tripp
Charlie Naughton – Colin Bailey
Jimmy Gold – Ted Howard
Monsewer Eddie Gray – John Midlane
Grandfather – Vernon Leese
Blacksmith – Graham Peters
Registrar – David Maun
Bud’s Parents – Jean Midlane, Ian Macdonald
The Great Herbert and Assistant – Anthony Hullett and Ruth Datson
Miss Jacquetta De Mille – Jean Midlane
Precious Man – David Maun
Seaman – Graham Peters
1st American Boy – Ian Macdonald
2nd American Boy – David Maun
Promoter – Vernon Leese
Charlie Martin – Graham Peters
Producer – Ian Macdonald
Sergeant-Major Flanagan – Brian Roberts
Compere – David Maun
Florrie Forde – Betty Bailey
Curly – Carol Butler
Dorcas – Jean Midlane
Duke of Norfolk – David Maun
Girl in Grass Skirt – Jane Sawyer

The Crazy Gang Singers and Dancers – Leslie Copleston, Ruth Datson, Jane Ghost, Nicola Horner, Linda Jeffries, Polly Owen, Suzanne Pickin, Jackie Rand, Jane Sawyer, Trevor Coleman, Anthony Hullett, Vernon Leese, Graham Peters, Brian Roberts, David Sayer and Martin Tripp.


Clarinet – Peter Dell
Trombone – Jim Norris
Double Bass – Lou Lewis
Percussion – Mickey Howard
Piano – Jenny Anderson


Choreographer – Stella Jarman
Musical Director – Jennifer Anderson
Set Design – Ian Giles
Stage Managers – Roger Butler, John Midlane
Lighting – Mike Auvray, Peter Bennett, Peter Price
Sound – Tom Bramall
Properties – John and Lorna Midlane
Set Construction – Theatre Workshop
Wardrobe – Andrea Hammond, Marjorie Sawyer and Girls
Assistant Stage Manager – Dot Hamlin

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