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Watch It, Sailor!

Watch It, Sailor!
Written by by Philip King and Falkland L.Cary
Directed by Keith Jarman
17 – 22 October 1988

Sequel to Sailor Beware.
A couple await their wedding day amidst surprise telegrams and misunderstandings.


Shirley Hornett – Polly Owen
Albert Tufnell, A.B – David Maun
Daphne Pink – Shelley Nottage
Carnoustie Bligh, A.B – Vernon Leese
Henry Hornett – Brian Roberts
Edie Hornett – Pauline Ellard
Emma Hornett – Elieen Hullett
Mrs Lack – Elsie Bate
Lieut-Commander Hardcastle R.N. – Ian Giles


Stage Manager – Martin Howe
Prompt – Eileen Young
Lighting – Tom Bramall
Sound – Bill Watts
Props – Pat Vale, Carole Bramall, Molly Watts
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer and Andrea Hammond
Set Construction – Howsatt

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