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Wedding of the Year

Wedding of the Year
Written by Norman Robbins
Directed by Bill Fielder
25 – 30 September 1978

Alison, fat straight-haired, bespectacled is the last sort of girl one would visualize as a heroine, but Uncle Frank decides to make her on by entering her as a prospective candidate for a Wedding of the Year competition, selecting a designer to create her wedding dress even before he has found her a suitable husband. His eye falls on Melvyn, a frustrated inventor and an appallingly clumsy young man. However the best laid plans….


Ethel Murchinson – Betty Bailey
Peggy Ramskill – Marion Ellis
Walter Thornton – Harry Randall
Frank Edwards – Colin Bailey
Alison Murchinson – Sue Williams
Honoria Murchinson – Christine Jarman
Matilda Murchinson – Jeannie McCullough
Melvyn Thornton – David Foord-Divers
Harry Elphinstone – Clive Mundy
Priscilla Murchinson – Pat Summers


Stage Manager/Set Design – Andy Birmingham
Assistant Stage Manager – Pauline Ellard
Lighting – C. D’Oyley-Watkins
Sound – Mike Auvray
Properties – Hilary Medhurst, Jackie Annal
Wardrobe – Christine Jarman
Setting – Guild Workshop