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Who Dies Wins

Who Dies Wins
Written by Seymour Matthews
Directed by Roger Hodge
6 – 11 September 2004

Leon Winter always spices up his dinner parties with a practical joke or two, so when the electricity cuts out and a mysterious voice booms from the darkness, the guests on this particular night do not think the worst. Then shots ring out and the joke turns into a nightmare. The eccentric Chief Inspector Plum investigates a case that involves hidden identities, marital deception and twisted quotations from Shakespeare. And in a brilliant coup de’theatre, the audience gets a major clue to the solution well before anyone else. Funny, intriguing and exciting, this is a comedy-thriller that delivers on all fronts.


Leon Winter – Matthew Blair
Abby Winter – Debbie Hoyle
Raymond Brown – Peter Vale
Sophie Brown – Sarah Rains
John Drummond – Clive Madel
Molly Drummond – Jenny Madel
Chief Inspector Norbert Plum – John McLaren
Detective Sergeant – Pat Vale
Piers Gerard – Matt Arnold


Stage Manager – Eric White
Lighting – Alan and Pam Hunt
Sound – Wendi Freeman
Sound Recording – Keith Jarman
Properties and Set Dressing – Pat Vale
Set Design – Roger Hodge
Set Construction – Eric White, Len Huntley, Eric Crichton, Bill Brookes, Mick Holland, Lawrence Black
Backdrop – Graeme Horner
Assistant Stage Manager – Margaret Penny
Wardrobe – Carole Bramall, Janet Hodge
Wigs – Christine Angell
Foyer Display – Julia Crichton