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Who Killed Santa Claus?

Who Killed Santa Claus?
Written by Terence Feely
Directed by Keith Reynolds
13 – 16 March 1974

Barbara Love is a famous TV star who, just before her Christmas party, is threatened by a chilling voice on her answering machine and then receives a macabre present boxed in a miniature coffin. Not so much a ‘whodunnit’ but more a ‘who’s going to do it’, as along troop the staff of her television show for the Christmas buffet, each one of them with a motive to murder her. The tension mounts as this cunningly plotted thriller twists and turns towards the final spine-tingling revelation.


Connie Bell – Jill Dodds
Jack Campbell Barnes – John Summers
Barbara Love – Marion Ellis
Christopher Moore – Bill Sadler
Paul Reston – Peter Morris
Don Lewis – John Lockwood
Ray Lacey – John Hollingsworth
Dave Ogden – David Foord-Divers


Stage Manager – Martin Woods
Assistant Stage Manager – Jan King
Lighting – Colin Lincoln and Mike Auvray
Properties – Lyn Grizzell, Julie Johnson, Vivianne Hollingsworth
Sound Effects – Keith Jarman
Furniture – D.C. Smith Furniture
Set Design – Martin Woods
Set Construction – Guild Workshop