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A Slice of Saturday Night

Written by the Heather Brothers
Directed by Scott James
Choreographer – Nicky Bate
Musical Director – Sarah Campbell

Seven teenagers dance and eye each other and flirt on a Saturday night at popular Club A Go Go in a town in the East End. Sue is going out with Gary, but he flirts with Penny and the other girls at every opportunity. Sharon and Rick like each other but are too shy to tell each other. Eddie is challenged by the boys to persuade “frigid” Bridget to “touch his whatsit”
by closing time; over the course of the night he tries everything, with very little success. The owner of the club, ageing rocker Eric “Rubber-legs” De Vene, watches and lends an ear to the young people as they navigate the rituals of teenage fashion, music, sexual mores and relationships.


Gary – Tom Hopkins
Sue – Samantha Jacobs
Eddie – Jake Moore
Bridget – Rebecca Hills
Rick – Liam Winter
Sharon – Natasha Kissane
Penny – Laura Bonner
Eric ‘Rubber Legs’ De Vine – Phill Pain


Production Assistant – Sabrina Bell
Stage Manager – Dave Tallowin
Assistant Stage Manager – Kelly Randall
Lighting Design – Andy Woolliscroft
Sound Design – Steve Nash
Costume – Jenny Tallowin Snee and Shirley Tallowin
Props – Jenny Brookes and Eoghan Lawler

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