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Written by Joanna Murray-Smith
Directed by Martin Gilby

Funny and touching portraits of women’s very different lives: a harassed mother; a cactus-lover’s marital crisis; a teenager’s talent contest; a disillusioned bride; a widow embracing life; and a fading cabaret singer.


Meryl Davenport – Fiona McGahren
Tiggy Entwhistle – Suzannah Churchill
Mary O’Donnell – Kate Richardson
Theresa McTerry – Jamie-Lynn Port
Winsome Webster – Melinda Hunt
Zoe Struthers – Terri McCann
Announcer, EmCee – Colin Bailey


Assistant/Shadow Director – Karen Davies
Stage Manager – Mike Whitnall
Continuity – Betty Bailey
Wardrobe – Tan Walsh
Lighting – Andy Wooliscroft
Sound – Steve Nash
Props – Terri McCann
Choreography – Jamie-Lynn Port

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