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A Pirate’s Tale

A Pirate’s Tale
Written and directed by Jenny Tallowin Snee

Join us on board the Jammy Dodger for a swashbuckling adventure the whole family can enjoy! We’ll meet mermaids under the sea, celebrities on Paradise Island and we’ll need your help to defeat Persilla, Queen of the Sea!


Window Cleaner – Gary Philip Nightingale
Pirates – Hayley Clark, Lydia Gorringe, Louise Gerrard, Naomi Lee
Ruth Essential – Tony Bate
Fred-Eric – David Tode
Pirate King – Dave Witham
Samuel Smee – Tom Hopkins
The Figure Head – Jenny Brookes
Alexa the Parrot – Alex Macdonald
Persilla – Kelly Randall
Flipper – Gareth Hunt
Floppy – Eoghan Lawlor
Dazzle – Immy Murray
Quarter Pounder – Charlotte Bate, Kiki Guraya and Ewan Snee
MerKing – David Maun
Palm-Olive – Nicola Hunt
Amber Pure – Nicola Guenigault
Ariel Automatic – Ellie Carpenter
Isla Mop – Katie Cavanagh
Sonya Apron – Laura Bonner
Ella Vamess – Hannah Pocock


Musical Director – Sarah Campbell
Choreographer – Charis Thorne
Stage Manager – David Tallowin with Gary Philip Nightingale and Adam Davies
Properties – Emma Hopkins
Lighting – Ian Humphreys with Polly Owen and Wendi Freeman
Sound – Steve Nash
Wardrobe – Shirley Tallowin, Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Brammall, Elizabeth Foster.
Child Protection – Kelly Randall

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