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California Suite

Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Ian Macdonald
28 May – 2 June 2018

A humorous confection from the master of comedy divided into four parts: Visitor from New York, Visitor from Philadelphia, Visitors from London,and Visitors from Chicago.


Visitors from New York

Hannah Warren – Jane Ghost-Cavanagh
William Warren – Mark Jamieson

Visitors from Philadelphia

Millie Michaels – Louise Gerrard
Marvin Michaels – Gary Nightingale
Bunny – Katie Cavanagh

Visitors from London

Diana Nichols – Suzannah Churchill
Sidney Nichols – Martin Gilby

Visitors from Chicago

Mort Hollender – Ben Donovan
Beth Hollender – Louise Gerrard
Stu Franklin – Gary Nightingale
Gert Franklin – Laura Bonner


Stage Manager – Mike Whitnall
Assistant Stage Manager – Carol Butler
Wardrobe – David and Jacky Maun
Sound – Steve Nash
Lighting – Adam Davies
Props – Sue Newman

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