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8 – 22 January 2022
Written and directed by Emma Hopkins

You shall go to the show! We are back with this classic tale of Cinderella.


Cinderella – Charlotte Nightingale
Buttons – Eoghan Lawlor
The Prince – Kate Richardson
Fairy Godfather – Adam Davies
Dame Twiggy Pudding – Graham Frosdick
The King – Dave Witham
Danny – Tom Hopkins
Baroness Malvada – Jane Ghost-Cavanagh
Doris – Laura Bonner
Mabel – Katie Cavanagh

Chorus – Lydia Gorringe, Abbie Kemp, Jenna Percival, Deya Kaur Guraya, Hayley Clark, Dean Sohn and Jack Ball
Frogs – Jenny Brookes and Eleanor Snee

Crew and Creative

Choreographers – Kelly Randall and Nicola Guenigault with special thanks to Hannah Pocock
Musical Director – Sarah Campbell
The Band – Andy Smith, Ian Broughton and Barry Pantrey

Stage Management Team – Sue and Gary Constant
Set Design – Emma Hopkins and Gary Constant
Set Construction and Painting – Gary Constant, Sue Constant, Adam Davies, Kate Richardson, Albert Tilbury, Shaun Bonner, Frank Andrews, Ian Cavanagh, Barry Facer, Alec Keleher, Polly Owen, Charlotte Nighingale, Zack Hopkins and Zoe Nightingale
Costumes – Carole Bramall, Marjorie Sawyer, Charlotte Nightingale and Emma Hopkins
Cinderella’s Dresses – Henry Snee
Props – Jenny Brookes, Karen Davies and Eleanor Snee
Lighting – Andy Woolliscroft, Alison Bonner, Polly Owen and Wendi Freeman
Sound – Steve Nash
Prompts – Shirley-Anne O’Dam and Nicola Guenigault

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