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The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch
Adapted from Jill Murphy’s original books by Emma Reeves with music by Luke Potter
Directed by Kelly Randall
13 – 16 April 2022

Mildred Hubble is an ordinary girl who found herself in an extraordinary place: a school for witches. Now in her final year at Miss Cackle’s Academy, accident prone Mildred and her fellow pupils are about to embark on their biggest adventure yet…

When Mildred and her friends decide to put on a play about their experiences as witches in training, mayhem inevitably ensues. Jealous Ethel Hallow is always out to spoil Mildred’s fun. Stern Miss Hardbroom is opposed to all fun in general. Worst of all, an old enemy returns with a plan for revenge that could threaten not just the Academy, but the whole world.


Miss Ada/Agatha Cackle – Jackie Mitchell
Miss Hecate Hardbroom Buttons – Jenny Tallowin Snee
Mildred Hubble – Lucy Larner
Maud Spellbody – Samantha Jacobs
Enid Nightshade – Hannah Pocock
Ethel Hallow – Charlotte Nightingale
Drusilla Paddock – Jenna Percival
Fenella Feverfew – Abbie Kemp
Tabby – Ewan Snee
Miss Bat – Jenny Brookes
Miss Drill – Nicky Bate

The Band

Miss Shaniqua (Keys) – Sarah Campbell
Wellsilda (Guitar) – Eleanor Snee
Hannah Blackwood (Drums) – Hannah Ford-Hunt
Fran Feverfew (Sounds of the Sax) – Francesca Molonia

Crew and Creative

Musical Director – Sarah Campbell
Choreographer – Nicky Bate
Stage Manager – Dave Tallowin
Set Construction – Dave Tallowin, Tony Bate, Charlotte Nightingale, Gary Nightingale, Robert Piwko, Rus Tallowin, Albert Tilbury, Joseph Wardell, Mike Whitnall, Samantha Jacobs, Demi Paine, Roger Butler
Wardrobe – The Cast, Henry Snee, Carol Randall
Props – Brookesey, Emma Hopkins and Wendi Freeman, assisted by Zack Hopkins
Puppet Creator – Mike Whitnall
Lighting – Rob Humphreys, assisted by Ian Humphreys and Andy Woolliscroft
Sound – Steve Nash
Prompt – Shirley-Anne O’Dam
Photography – Robert Piwko

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