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George’s Marvellous Medicine

Book by Roald Dahl
Adapted for the stage by David Wood
Directed by Emma Constant and John McLaren

It’s the half term holiday and George Kranky is looking forward to a break from school when a letter from Grandma arrives announcing that she is coming to stay – that very day! Soon she is making George’s life miserable with spiteful comments and demands for doses of medicine, so George decides to mix a new type of medicine for her. Shaving foam, shampoo, lipstick and chilli powder all go into the mixture, which makes Grandma grow and grow into a giant until she crashes through the farmhouse roof. Soon Dad comes up with a plan to use the medicine to make giant farm animals – and a fortune for the Kranky family. First George needs to remember the ingredients for his marvellous medicine, with a little help from the audience.


George – David Tode
Grandma – Steve Hunt
Mary Kranky (Mum) – Polly Owen
Killy Kranky (Dad) – Ian Humphreys
Giant Chicken – Tony Garrett


Stage Manager – Wendi “Woo” Freeman
Set Build – Trevor, Albert, Mike, John, Fred, Pat
Prompt – Pat McNamee
Props – Jenny “Wildcat” Brookes, Claudia Brookes, Hayley Clark
Wardrobe – Gareth Hunt, Elizabeth Foster
Make-Up – Nicola Hurle
Wigs – Christine Angell
Lighting – Andy “Woolly” Woolliscroft and Charlotte Constant
Sound – Tom “Hubby” Hopkins
Special Effects – Paul Andrews
Press Photography – Charlotte Constant
Chicken – Mike Whitnall, Viv and Sarah Hollingsworth

Amateur production by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd

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