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Written by Clive Read
Directed by Luke Higgins

Grandee is written by the talented playwright Clive Read and set in a modern living room in London. When 94 year old Desmond Thompson dies, his great grandchildren start to discover all sorts of things they did not know about their beloved Grandee.

Grandee’s antics in the army, his hero status, his role in a punk band and his nude modelling are all to their great delight. However, when the family gather together the day after the funeral to hear his Living Will even more surprises are revealed – not least of which is his marriage to a stunning young Russian!

Light hearted comedy, suitable for most ages but containing adult humour.


Desmond Thompson (Grandee) – John Summers
Mr Thompson (Grandee’s Son) – John Hart
David Thompson (Grandee’s Grandson) – David Maun
Gillian Thompson (David’s Wife) – Kelly Randall
Stuart Thompson (Grandee’s Great Grandson) – Billy McNamee
Gemma Thompsn (Grandee’s Great Granddaughter) – Natasha Kissane
Ms April Simpson – Gill Grubb
Olga Thompson – Lucy Larner


Stage Manager – Lucy Ellis
Set Builders – Gary Constant, Albert Tilbury, Sue Constant, Sam Cavanagh
Props – Emma Hopkins, Tom Hopkins
Prompt – Jane Cavanagh
Lighting – Andy Woolliscroft
Sound – Steve Nash

Tickets £9

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