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Holmes for the Holidays, or The Game’s Afoot

Written by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Gareth Hunt

Broadway star, William Gillette, has invited his fellow cast mates to his mansion for Christmas but when one of them is brutally murdered, Gillette must take up the mantle of his greatest role, Sherlock Holmes, in order to solve the crime.

Ken Ludwig’s Holmes for the Holidays or The Game’s Afoot gives you everything you love about great live theatre. You will find yourself swept along for a wild and funny ride.


William Gillette – Gareth J. Hunt
Martha Gillette – Eleanor McEnery
Felix Geisel – Peter Vale
Madge Geisel – Maria Hind
Aggie Wheeler – Kate Richardson
Simon Bright – Matthew Ferry
Daria Chase – Melinda Hunt
Inspector Goring – Suzanne Whitnall


Stage Manager – Frank Andrews
Prompt – Pat McNamee
Lighting – Jamie Grant
Lighting Design – Alan Hunt
Sound – Ethan Smith
Sound Design – Steve Nash
Properties – Karen Davies
Wardrobe – Carole Bramall, Marjorie Sawyer
Set Design – Roger Butler
Set Construction – Frank Andrews, Albert Tilbury, Mike Whitnall, Sam Cavanagh, Gareth Hunt, Robbie Whiffen, Polly Owen, Elizabeth Foster, Rachel Collett

Tickets £9

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

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