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Written by Stephen Briggs adapted from the novel by Terry Pratchett
Directed by Terri McCann

Death doesn’t do emotion – he lacks the glands. So, when his new human apprentice Mort is left in charge for the evening, things take an interesting turn! A fantasy comedy set in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.


Death – Martin Gilby
Mort – Mark Fromings
Yasabell – Rebecca Liquorish
Albert – Roger Butler
Keli – Kate Richardson
Cuttewell – Anthony Denford
Green Block – Gary Hayden
Blue Block – Suzanne Whitnall
Peach Block – Clive Madel
Orange Block – Joshua Stiggear
Purple Block – Jane Ghost-Cavanagh


Stage Manager – Mike Whitnall
Assistant Stage Manager – Karen Davies
Props – Sue Newman
Props Assistant – Sarah Campbell
Backstage Assistant – Lucy Davies
Wardrobe – Elizabeth Foster
Sound – Steve Nash
Lighting – Simon Dinsmore
Lighting Assistant – Adam Davies
Prompt – Pauline Ellard

Tickets £10

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