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Written by Robin Hawdon
Directed by Melinda Hunt

Bill Crayshaw M.P is a man with huge wealth and influence. When an attractive woman arrives at his door with some awkward questions as to how he acquired such assets, he almost relishes the confrontation of the sexes. But he can hardly guess to what extraordinary lengths that confrontation will go. She turns out to know a great deal more about him than he finds comfortable, and her true identity is concealed behind so many layers of mystery that one can never be certain of it, or of his own integrity, until the final curtain.


Bill Crayshaw M.P – Steve Hemsley
Mary Stewart – Gill Grubb


Assistant Director – John Hart
Stage Manager – Mike Whitnall
Set Build – Steve Grubb, Dave Birmingham, Ian Macdonald, Barry Facer, Mike Whitnall, Polly Owen, Albert Tilbury, Melinda Hunt
Properties – Jo Lovell, Judith Brace, John Hart, Melinda Hunt
Sound – Steve Nash
Lighting – Jamie Grant
Prompt – Judith Brace, Betty Bailey
Costumes – Melinda Hunt and the Cast
SFX Make-Up – Steve Hunt

Tickets £10

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