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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Book by Larry L. King & Peter Masterson
Music and Lyrics by Carol Hall
Directed and produced by Christine Angell

This happy go lucky view of small town vice and statewide political side-stepping recounts the good times and the demise of the Chicken Ranch, known since the 1850s as one of the better pleasure palaces in all of Texas. Governors, senators, mayors, and even victorious college football teams frequent Miss Mona’s cozy bordello until that puritan nemesis Watchdog focuses his television cameras and his righteous indignation on the institution.


Narrator – Graham Peters
Miss Mona Stangley – Jenny Tallowin Snee
Jewel – Cara Young
Doatsey Mae – Christine Mabbott
Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd – Gareth Hunt
Melvyn P Thorpe – Peter Sapi
Melvin P Thorpe’s Aide – Gary Nightingale
Angel – Emma Stewart
Shy – Charlotte Constant
Linda Lou – Eileen Warner
Ruby Rae – Polly Owen
Ginger – Kelly Randall
Durla – Kirsty Duncombe
Taddy Jo – Hannah Denyer
Beatrice and Miss Wulla Jean’s Aide – Jacqui Fenton
Dawn – Cathy Dadds
Eloise – Nicola Milner
Mary Beth and Miss Wula Jean – Lucy Larner
Mayor Rufus Poindexter – John Hart
CJ Scruggs – Steve Padgham
Edsel May – John McLaren
Angellette Imogene Charlene Greene – Kirsty Duncombe
Senator Wingwoah – Mark Jamieson
Governor of Texas – Graham Peters
Governor’s Aide – Pele Hearne

The Aggie Football Team: Tony Garrett, Scott Godfrey, Luke Higgins, Tom Hopkins, Pele Hearne, Gary Nightingale, Steve Padgham
The Angellettes – Kathy Dadds, Hannah Denyer, Kirsty Duncombe, Lucy Larner, Nicola Milner, Polly Owen, Charis Thorne
The Townspeople and Choir of Gilbert with the Melvin P Thorpe Singers – Laura Bonner, Emma Constant, John Hart, Mark Jamieson, Victoria Jamieson, John McLaren, Charis Thorne, Elizabeth Vile
Cowboys, Customers, Dogettes, TV Crews, Reporters played by members of the cast


Musical Director – Andy Hall
Choreography – Stella Jarman
Stage Manager – Tina Crook
Set Design – Albert Tilbury
Set Build – Theatre Special Team
Props – Jenny Brookes with Hayley Clark and Lydia Gorringe
Sound design and operation – Steve Nash
Lighting design and operation – Peter Bennett
Prompt and Assistant to Director – Shelley Peters
Wardrobe – Carole Bramall, Marjorie Sawyer and cast

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