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The Collector

Written by John Fowles
Directed by Pelé Hearne

Classic tense thriller based on the novel by John Fowles.

The Collector is a play adaptation of a critically successful and iconic book about a lonely young man, Frederick Clegg, who works as a clerk in a city hall and collects butterflies in his spare time. The Collector was also turned into a faithful and well received film adaptation staring Terence Stamp in the 1960s.

In this modern adaptation Clegg works in the Job Centre. Clegg is obsessed with Miranda Grey, a middle-class art student. He admires her from a distance, but is unable to make any contact with her because of his lacking social skills. One day, he wins the lottery. He stops working and buys an isolated house in the countryside. He feels lonely, however, and wants to be with Miranda. Unable to make any normal contact, Clegg decides to add her to his “collection” of pretty, petrified objects, in the hope that if he keeps her captive long enough, she will grow to love him. He soon finds out that fantasy is far from reality as this tense and claustrophobic game of cat and mouse unfolds.


Frederick Clegg – Peter Sapi
Miranda Grey – Sophie Daniels


Stage Manager – Frank Andrews
Prompt – Pat McNamee
Lighting – Andy Woolliscroft
Properties – Jenny Brookes
Sound – Ken Swan
Set Design – Frank Andrews
Set Construction – Frank Andrews, Roger Butler, Dave Birmingham, Albert Tilbury, Ken Swan, Lewis Black

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