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The Old Country

Written by Alan Bennett
Directed by Martin Gilby, with assistance from Melinda Hunt

Hilary and Bron await the arrival of Hilary’s sister and brother-in-law in a very English setting. Bron potters about the garden and Hilary sits asleep on the veranda, Elgar’s music drifts from the house. The visitors arrive, bringing an assortment of particularly English things, and as the conversation proceeds, it becomes apparent they are not in England. In fact Hilary fled into exile some years previously after betraying his country, but now it seems he must return.


Hilary – John Hart
Bron – Suzanne Whitnall
Eric – Ben Humberstone
Olga – Tamsin Renno
Veronica – Gill Grubb
Duff – Mark Jamieson


Stage Manager – Mike Whitnall
Continuity and Prompt – Betty Bailey
Set Design – Mike Whitnall, Martin Gilby, Melinda Hunt
Set Construction – Mike Whitnall, Albert Tilbury, Frank Andrews
Properties – Lucy Davies
Lighting – Jamie Grant
Sound – Ryan Bulling
Wardrobe – Terri McCann
Choreography – Eloise Hunt
Hair – Pauline Ellard
Translations – Anna Nahar

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