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See How They Run

Written by Philip King
Directed by John McLaren
7-12 May 2012

The Rev. Lionel Toop’s wife, Penelope, is an ex-actress. While Lionel is away Clive, an actor, calls. He invites Penelope to dine in town which is out of boun’s to servicemen. He dresses in Lionel’s blacks. Miss Skillon, a parishioner, sees the couple repeating one of their theatrical scenes and draws the wrong conclusion. Matters become highly complicated when Lionel arrives, followed by the Bishop of Lax and a German POW disguised as a vicar!


Ida – Victoria Jamieson
Miss Skillon – Melinda Hunt
The Reverend Lionel Toop – Simon Eile
Penelope Toop – Clare McNamara
Lance-Corporal Clive Winton – Eric Whiting
The Intruder – Tony Garrett
The Bishop of Lax – Mark Jamieson
The Reverend Arthur Humphrey – Graham Peters
Sergeant Towers – Martin Asher


Stage Manager – Frank Andrews
Continuity – Carol Butler
Lighting – Wendi Freeman, Andy Woolliscroft, Paul Andrews
Sound – Tom Hopkins
Properties, Scenic Art and Archive Search – Emma Constant
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall, Carol Butler
Uniforms – Khaki Devils
Set Build – Albert Tilbury, Trevor Jeffries, Mike Whitnall, Fred Hall, Roger Butler, Dave Tallowin, Steve Lovell

This amateur production is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd

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