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The Gingerbread Lady

The Gingerbread Lady
Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Ian Macdonald
9 – 14 May 2022

The action revolves around Evy Meara, a popular singer who has hit the skids. After a short stay in rehab, her best friend, age-defying Toby, her daughter Polly, and Jimmy Perry, a gay actor, try to help her adjust to sobriety with a jolly birthday party. Enter Lou Tanner, a former lover, who ends up giving her a black eye. The party is a wash out, the “gingerbread lady” falls off the wagon and hits the ropes once again.


Jimmy Perry – Steve Hemsley
Manuel – Xander Donaldson
Toby Landau – Eileen Warner
Evy Meara – Suzannah Churchill
Polly Meara – Karen Stewart
Lou Tanner – Alex Macdonald


Stage Manager – Wendi Freeman
Assistant Stage Manager – Judith Brace
Set Design – Roger Butler
Set Construction – Tony Bate, Dave Tallowin, Roger Randall, Ian Macdonald, Albert Tilbury, Wendi Freeman, Polly Owen, Emma Hopkins
Properties – Sue and Gary Constant, Demi Paine
Wardrobe – Charlotte Nightingale
Lighting – Andy Wooliscroft, Adam Davies
Sound – Steve Nash

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