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Updating Our Archives

Since the launch of our website, we have been working hard to update our archives and, in due course, shall have even more interesting information for you to view online about our past shows and the history of the theatre. This is an ongoing project.

We were very grateful to be passed a publication from Jennings & Barrett Chartered Surveyors recently from their personal archives, which was published following the extensive refurbishments to the theatre in 1973. The booklet was made available to all members at the time, and highlights the changes which were planned to the theatre, along with photos of the refurbishment work in progress and some images from the first round of shows following the reopening. Please see this in the link below:

1973 Launch Booklet (Please note (C) this is the property of Erith Theatre Guild Ltd)

We are continuing to update our archives with interesting artefacts and information such as this, so if you have anything which you would like us to feature on the website, please do get in touch with either Tom Hopkins or Helen Macdonald on

This is a website for everyone, so feel free to send us suggestions!


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