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Mort longed for an apprenticeship….his wish was fulfilled by Death.

Show ran from: 9th Oct to 14th Oct 2017


Hell hath no fury…a thriller.

Show ran from: 11th Sep to 16th Sep 2017

Return to the Forbidden Planet

Shakespeare’s forgotten rock ‘n’ roll masterpiece.

Show ran from: 26th Jun to 1st Jul 2017

Absurd Person Singular

A tale of the changing fortunes of three couples. Ayckbourn at his poignant best.

Show ran from: 29th May to 3rd Jun 2017

The Old Country

Bennett’s well-crafted humour demonstrates his love of ambiguity and irony.

Show ran from: 8th May to 13th May 2017

The Snow Queen

An exciting musical adaption of Hans Christian Anderson’s fantastical adventure.

Show ran from: 11th Apr to 15th Apr 2017

Kiss Me, Kate – An Erith Operatic Production

An Erith Operatic Production for which the Box Office number is 01474 393136.

Show ran from: 13th Mar to 18th Mar 2017

The Birds

A new telling of the Daphne du Maurier short story which became the Hitchcock horror classic.

Show ran from: 20th Feb to 25th Feb 2017


Our traditional annual pantomime. Come and join Aladdin and his gang on a magical adventure!

Show ran from: 7th Jan to 21st Jan 2017

Dead Man’s Hand

A teasing thriller with many a twist, until the Dead Man shows his hand.

Show ran from: 5th Dec to 10th Dec 2016

Two One Act Plays: The Allotment and Background Artiste

Two interesting and amusing plays in one evening!

Show ran from: 7th Nov to 12th Nov 2016

Billy Liar

A funny, bitter-sweet story of hopes, dreams and the search for identity.

Show ran from: 10th Oct to 15th Oct 2016

Dick Barton Episode III: The Tango of Terror

Hilarious comedy from the popular 1940’s secret agent

Show ran from: 12th Sep to 17th Sep 2016

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